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Rush Revere and the Presidency

1. Mount Rushmore includes portraits of Roosevelt, Lincoln and: Jefferson and Adams Adams and Washington Adams and Madison Jefferson and Washington 2. George Washington said goodbye to the country in which document? Farewell Address Goodbye Sonata Goodbye Letter Gettysburg Address 3. The name of the body that elects the president is: Election Committee Supreme Court Harvard College Electoral College 4. Abigail Adams became friends with which crew member? Freedom Tommy Cam Elizabeth 5. Who is running for Student Body President against Elizabeth? Ed Cam Tommy Freedom 6. What famous quotation belongs to Abigail Adams in a letter to John Adams? “Remember the ladies” “Remember the Alamo” “Remember Bunker Hill” “Remember America” 7. What was the Secret Service’s first job in 1865? Protecting the president Finding counterfeit money Keeping the president’s secrets Finding bank robbers 8. The second president of the United States was: George Washington Thomas Jefferson John Adams James Madison 9. What is the name of George Washington’s home in Virginia? Mount Vernon Mount Jefferson Monticello Mountain Heights 10. In the United States how old do you have to be to vote? Twenty-one Twenty-three Thirty Eighteen 11. What is the name of the bagel shop where the crew met to discuss the campaign? DC Bagels Virginia Bagels New York Bagels Boston Bagels 12. Where did Cam put his notes on the campaign? Blackboard Phone Journal Playbook 13. He is known as the Father of the Country. James Madison Thomas Jefferson George Washington John Adams 14. Who was inaugurated on April 30, 1789? Barack Obama Thomas Jefferson John Adams George Washington 15. This First Lady created fancy parties called levees. Martha Washington Abigail Adams Rachel Jackson Dolley Madison 16. The third president of the United States was: George Washington John Adams James...

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