1. What is the name of the teacher who Rush Revere substituted for?
2. Who came as a chaperone to Washington D.C.?
3. What game did Cam’s team play against Billy the Bully’s team?
4. Which crew member can speak to Liberty using just his or her mind?
5. Liberty had a crush on someone, what was her name?
6. Who wore shiny green kneepads and large elbow pads?
7. Who is Liberty’s best friend?
8. Cam’s father is in the military. What branch of service?
9. Who hit Cam and Billy the Bully with a blast of water?
10. Liberty has a sister, what is her name?
11. Who fell off the Mayflower?
12. How did Liberty first get his supernatural powers?
13. Who fell into the pond in the First Patriots?
14. Who snatched a pistol from the spy’s hand and threw it in the river?
15. What makes Liberty special?
16. Liberty ate a whole pot of which food in Boston
17. What did Liberty kick through the window at school?
18. What prank did Cam play?
19. This person is not a member of the time-traveling crew.
20. What kind of class does Rush Revere teach?