1. The First Continental Congress was attended by all of the colonies except
2. Who was the first man to fall at the Boston Massacre?
3. From 1621 to 1765, the area around Boston had grown tremendously.

4. “No taxation without !”

5. How many colonies were there in 1765?
6. Who did Liberty bring back to the Teachers’ lounge?
7. Which American Patriot, with a firm scowl and wild hair, spoke in front of a large crowd at the Old South Meeting House in Boston?

8. Patrick Henry gave a famous speech at the Virginia House of Burgesses, and the crowd yelled “Treason!” During the speech, Patrick was said to be attacking King George III.

9. Which act was the crowd Rush Revere visited in the Prologue fighting against?
10. Liberty’s Stomp Act song goes: “Because your taxes aren’t fair, you make us so               . You  make us so, so               !”
11. Who did Benjamin Franklin say the time-traveling crew should meet when back in America?
12. The time-traveling crew visits the First Continental Congress in 1774.
13. The King agreed with Rush Revere that the taxes in America were too high and the people should be able to vote.
14. Benjamin Franklin was going to testify against the Stamp Act in what government location?
15. Who were the Sons of Liberty?

16. The  Acts, also called the Intolerable Acts were passed after the Boston Tea Party.

17. Rush Revere told the King that people in the colonies are happy.
18. The Patriots threw 10 cases of tea into the harbor during the Boston Tea Party.
19. The Committee of Five were a group of five men who drafted the
20. Who was the first President of the United States of America?