1. Who said,”I will only say this, gentlemen. This meeting can do nothing to save this country!”
2. What did Rush Revere give to Wampanoag leader Massasoit?
3. Who invented bifocals?
4. The religious leader of the Pilgrims was named Elder Brewster.

5. The patriot, Thomas , wrote Common Sense.

6. John was the second president of the United States.

7. Jefferson is considered the main writer of the Declaration of Independence.

8. Who was the leader of the Pilgrims?
9. Who ambushed Paul Revere, William Dawes and Samuel Prescott?
10. Who was the King of England in 1765?
11. He was known as the “Father of our Country.”

12. Paul Revere was racing to warn John Hancock and Samuel .

13. Henry Knox brought back from Fort Ticonderoga

14. Who taught Freedom to plant corn?
15. Who taught Tommy how to sword fight?

16. Benjamin Franklin testified against the Act in 1765.

17. Which exceptional American played the fiddle in Rush Revere and the American Revolution?
18. Which historical figure worked as a blacksmith?
19. The captain of the Mayflower was named Captain Brewster.

20. Dr. Joseph Warren organized the midnight of Paul Revere.